Saturday, July 02, 2011

July 4th Fireworks & self imprisonment

Tonight is Carlisle's fireworks display. They are kind of late for our kids but we stay up and watch them anyway. Our friend Brian was having a little get together in Harrisburg so we all ventured over there around 7ish and Mike & I drove separately because he was going to see some other people after we left. I left around 8:45 to get home by 9:30 for the fireworks. The first ones started as we were unlocking the door to the house. Isaac was sooo excited so we rushed in, threw everything right inside the front door and ran upstairs and went to the balcony to watch.

We have to kind of cluster into one corner which isn't terrible but I thought that maybe if we went up to the 3rd floor and looked out the window it might be better. We ran up but I suddenly realized it wasn't as good. We scurried back down and I don't know which one of us did it, but we closed the door. I didn't think anything of it until Isaac said he just wanted to watch from the window of his room. We tried to open the door....but of course it was locked. This is not a balcony that has stairs attached. It is an extension of the neighbors balcony though and I was hoping they were a)home & b) could hear us banging on the door. They could not (or weren't there).

I tried to tell Isaac that as soon the display was over one of the neighbors would walk by and we would get them to come in the save us. I wanted him to enjoy the fireworks while we waited but he has been a bit obsessive lately (about all sorts of things) and, needless to say, he couldn't enjoy himself and was getting quite stressed. Following what his thought process was is quite hilarious really. He first realized he had to pee. In any other situation he could wait but of course here....he was desperate. I did what any good parent would do and let him pee off the balcony. Then he started talking about how we were going to have to sleep out here but we didn't have beds. What would we eat? At this point we were only 'stuck' about 4 minutes or so.

My thought process was more along the lines of "this is the perfect scenario for a movie because who doesn't have their keys or a cell phone on them....only people trapped in horror movies". Issues with the whole movie angle are that we were only on the 2nd floor, had neighbors everywhere, it was the middle of balmy July and we had just gotten home from eating a bunch of food. Also, we were only trapped for 10 minutes so all of those elements would have to be 'modified' for any sort of movie adaptation.

I got them to focus as least on the grand finale a bit but Isaac was also manic about me holding Rosie and how she wanted to lean on the railing a bit to see better. It didn't matter that I was her mother and had an iron grip on her, he was still freakin'. Mere moments after the last fireworks exploded, my neighbor across the street rolled up and as soon as she got out of the car I shouted "Ivy, It's Brenda...I have locked myself on the balcony and I need you to break us out....I'm not even joking". I see Ivy & her husband almost every day and say hi to them but we have never hung out and she has never been in the house (at least since we have bought it). She is definitely going to get a care package from me. We had also talked about having a backyard movie night with a projector sometime, which must now happen.

As soon as we were set free, we called Mike and the kids relayed their view of the event to him (even Rosie...."Fireworks...Isaac crying...sad"). I am writing this while sipping my rum and coke and I will probably go watch some mindless tv now. I'm such a loser.

Friday, June 10, 2011

6 year old baby

Isaac just finished kindergarten on Wednesday & I wasn't aware that his summer camp didn't start until Monday so I have had him at work for 2 days now. He is generally good but he does have that 6 year old obnoxious thing going for him though. Yesterday, he didn't get really pissy until he got home. We were going to to to the water park in Memorial park but the rain only allowed us to be there about 5 minutes so he just cried & cried. I hope this crying phase ends soon because it's not very attractive and drives Mike & I positively mad.

I figured that part of it was that he really needed a nap because he was kinda of bored at work with me. I put the idea in my head that I would try to get him to nap today. He got back from lunch and was whining incessantly about no one helping him to play legos. I pulled him into my office and tried to get him to nap in between his wails of crying. We could hear the people out in the media center so I decided to put on some music that might help him sleep. I put on Iron & Wine's 'Creek Drank The Cradle' which was the main album I played when he was a baby and I would rock him to sleep in his room.

No matter how mad I was at him that he was being such a brat, it still kind of choked me up sitting there with him patting his back listening to this album. I know I have officially become a complete sap but I don't care. It's happy & sad at the same time when you have a certain piece of music that is so entwined with a memory that fluctuating between glee & sorrow can happen in a matter of seconds. I don't want to be back at the time when he was a baby but at the same time, it's sad that I can't relive it.

He is finally sleeping on the couch in my office and hopefully this will last for a good hour. Let's hope no one calls my office phone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patricks day is for adults

When exactly did St. Patricks Day mean that I had to put a huge effort into another lie? I don't mean to gripe about it, I think it's sweet that kids believe in leprechauns and all but before you just talked about them and their little pot of gold and stuff and that was it. No hoopla or anything like the other holidays. Not anymore. Isaac came home today and told us how they made a leprechaun trap at school to catch one. Then of course he insisted on making one at home too. I had to find him a box and we decorated it and sat up near the door. He talked about this non-stop from when he walked in the door from school to when he went to bed. Sure it's sweet......and super annoying.

His excitment was dear and all but now, after he goes to sleep, we need to play the "look what happened while you were sleeping game" again. Only this time you aren't exactly sure what he is expecting. Obviously, I can't produce said leprechaun for him. He mentioned that they are hard to catch so I thought that maybe I could just beat up the box a bit like he really struggled but somehow got away. He also said that we would know he was here because the milk would turn green. Great, I can't wait for my cereal in the morning now. Thank god we were at the end of the jug. I was also told that they leave foot prints. I'm trying to figure out what I can use that will clean up easily to achieve the clue that they came by for a visit.

I'm guessing he is expecting something cool from the leprechaun but they are greedy little shits so I told him there is now way they will leave any gold or anything so sorry. But really, what am I supposed to do here? I think I have some gold glitter so I guess I'll just pepper that around the house and hope that he thinks it's positively magical. I'm sure he will loose a tooth next week just to piss me off.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick lady

So, I have been out of work for the past 2 days with a sick little lady. It's just a bad cold but goodness it can make a small child so miserable. Her face is a mess and all she has done has been watch tv. I haven't been able to shield Rosie from the TV as much as I did with Isaac because he watches a bunch of shows. What I do find interesting is that she only recently seemed interested in watching shows and she only likes 2 really. What are they? Sesame Street? no. Blues Clues? no. ICarly & Ren and Stimpy? Yup. She will just say icaree, icaree over and over and the other show is simply titled Simpy. Really, I love both of these shows so I am ok where her choices.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Patriotic little guy

Tonight I went to my first high school football game since I probably graduated high school. It was a fun time with a few people I work with and family. Isaac & Rosie had a great time and were very well behaved. We left at half time since it was already way past Rosie's bedtime. Mike stayed to watch the rest of the game with our friends. We got home and right after we walked in I heard Isaac half singing something and I asked, do you know that song? Did they teach you it in school? He said yes so we stood together in our living room on a Friday night at 8:30 and sang the star spangled banner together. (He got most of it). After that, he continued on and said the pledge of allegiance. It was adorable.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Famous on Noggin+Halloween google search

I have had a flickr account since before Isaac was born. As of today I have posted 1860 photos. Overall, I blend into the rest of flickrdom without anyone really noticing silly pictures of my family or the bread that I bake. There is one exception to this though and it has to do with this picture of Isaac in the doorway with my DIY Noggin inspired Halloween decorations. More people have favorited (15 to be exact) it than any of my other pictures and it has been viewed 2014 times as of today. I wondered why this was exactly so I did a google search with just the words Noggin & Halloween. My picture comes up 5th on the front page. I'm not sure why this would be because Noggin has lots of Halloween awesomeness but the best is their Halloween song/video that they play each year in between their shows. I'm just honored that I can be in such great company I guess and that a sweet little picture of Isaac is seen by so many people.

Potty training continued

As I mentioned, Saturday Rosie peed in the potty. On Sunday, I took off her diaper and realized it was still dry after a few hours and tried her again. She didn't want to sit so I let her get up while I got her a drink. I was in the middle of filling up the water jug when I realized she just peed on the floor. Oh well, I'm obviously out of practice and should have known better. I'm still learning too I guess. Later, after she ate a big snack, I asked her to try to poop. She sat on the potty for a minute or two and then she got her focused look on her face and wouldn't you know it, she indeed did do it. I was thrilled. This morning she woke up after 12 hour completely dry. I sat her on the potty and she peed immediately. This is awesome....except for one thing. I just realized that at her day care, because they don't have a potty in her room, they say they can't take her out (the bathroom is 2 feet across the hallway. I can't comprehend this. I understand that they probably thought that the little ones in that room wouldn't be potty training right when they moved over last month but they are in that room until next August. How could they possibly think that they wouldn't be potty training after a few months. Isaac didn't potty train until 2 1/2. We tried at 2 and he freaked out. He acted like he was sitting on a seat of razor blades. Of course we held off at that point. I had heard that girls are much easier to potty train and that you can try earlier but she isn't quite 16months old. This is sort of crazy to me. I know that it might not stick and kids will sometimes do well and then not so well for awhile but this makes me hopeful.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Commence Potty Training

We just got back from the park and I went to change Rosie's diaper because it had been a few hours. I realized that it was almost completely dry so I thought I would just try her on the little potty. Within 30 seconds she had peed. This is awesome.